Friday, February 3, 2012

The Interloper – Whiskers

You may have been wondering what’s been happening with The Interloper. There hasn’t been much activity from the little beast, probably because the nice warm weather meant it could scavenge food outdoors instead of in my cage.

But then it snowed.

And this evening, when I fully awoke from my daily nap, what did I find in my cage? Small traces of disturbed snow near the Interloper’s tunnel, almost like it stuck its craven little head out of its hole to sniff the air for…food? Signs of my presence? 

Something must have made it think twice, for there was nothing in the snow but whisker marks from its tentative sniffing.

I’ll continue to bide my time and wait for a full entrance. And then? The Interloper will swiftly become lunch. Muahaha.  

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