Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Auction update - insider scoop

The RMRP's annual auction is just around the corner on Saturday February 25th. How do I, an Owl with no calendar, know this? Because, like every year, the Humans are getting all stressy and anxious, working long hours and talking nonstop about "auction-this" and "auction-that". I even hear them working inside the building at night when the offices are usually empty and quiet! No complaints from me, though--I'm just excited! Like I said before, it's my favorite night of the year: a chance to hobnob with all my favorite Raptors and Humans, surrounded by beautiful art and exciting action.

Speaking of art and action, it just so happens that an inside source tipped me off about some of the items up for auction, and I'm sure there will be some duels being fought over the high-quality goods:

  • A slew of beautiful photos, paintings and sculptures
  • Astounding jewelry: beads, gold, jewels, etc--some of this stuff is seriously nice!
  • Books on all sorts of subjects, from kids to adults to raptors to cats to cooking
  • Handmade quilts of stunning detail and quality
  • Gift certificates for restaurants and spa treatments
  • A ski trip!
  • A raft trip!
  • Delicious liquors and food baskets
And so, so, so much more! (By the way, I was supplied with adjectives to describe the items--I don't find cheese or mezcal tasty).  

At any rate, tickets are still on sale, and I can't wait to see you there!

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