Friday, January 13, 2012

Introducing the Q&A Corner

Being an Owl, I am a ­­­fount of wisdom. This is not something that can be quibbled over; it’s a simple fact of nature. Even Humans seem to understand that Owls have inherent wisdom, as can be seen in their portrayals of Owls in media, including this gem:

Recently I have begun to feel that this gift of wisdom may come with a social obligation to help the less-wise creatures of this Earth. To that end, I am launching a new section of this blog, a sort of Q&A corner to answer all the myriad questions Humans have about Raptors and the world in which we live. Do you wonder why us Owls can turn our heads so far around? Want to know what goes into treating a bird with lead poisoning? Having problems with your love life?  Fire away! I and my Owlish wisdom* are here to help.

In an effort to keep the questions off the blog until they are answered (why ruin the surprise?), please send all questions to my email address. And, in an attempt to keep my inbox free of advertisements for keel enlargements and feather-growth tonics, I will cleverly disguise my email address by describing it to you. It consists of three words, but all together into one word (for instance, if the three words were “beak of terror”, the email address would be “beakofterror”). The real three words are “talons of doom” at gmail dot com.

Looking forward to reading your questions!

*and Google searches…

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