Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

It's the one-month anniversary of the beginning of this blog! Looking at the statistics that Blogger provides me, I'm very pleased with most the results! Here you go:
  • Total page views: 754
  • Top sites that refer readers to this blog: Facebook (25), (17), and (11)
  • Pageviews by country: USA (685), Russia (50)*, Germany (9), and one each from Canada, France, UK, Indonesia, Latvia, Philippines and Serbia.
  • Total comments: 3
  • Subscribers: 12
Who'd have thought I'd be reaching so many countries? At this rate, I'll have to start learning to hoot in foreign languages. And the total number of pageviews is awesome! The only thing I'm a little disappointed in at this point is the low number of comments and subscribers. Don't be afraid to leave a message about any of the posts...I promise I won't talon you. 

As a reminder, by typing your email address into the box to the right, you'll automatically get an email whenever I post something new, so you don't have to remember to check back all the time on your own. I think it takes a few days to kick in, though. Also, don't forget that I have an email address (talons of doom (one word) at gmail . com)! Got a question for me? Shoot it on over via that email address and I'll go my best to answer it.

Thanks a million for your support, everyone!

*Note: I'm pretty sure the Russian viewers are being directed here via a bogus scamming-type of webpage, so unfortunately, I don't think those views count. 

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