Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Interloper: Squeaking

Remember my suspicions that my sacred cage is being violated by a vile Interloper? I have further confirmation. This morning, right after sunrise, when I was settling into my relaxing day-time regimen of inactivity…I heard squeaking. Alarmed, I swiveled my head around to pinpoint the noise. This is easy to do as an Owl because my ears are asymmetrical, and my enormous eyes are always fixed straight ahead. It’s like triangulation: I move my head around until I can hear the noise equally in each ear; then I know I’m looking directly at the source of the noise. The source of this horrible high-pitched squeaking was…that tunnel.

Is it a mouse or a rat? I don’t know yet. But I’m very sure it’s a rodent, and I’m positive its days are numbered. As soon as it pokes its quivering little whiskers into my cage…well, just wait and see. 

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