Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Interloper: Discovery

I think there is a rodent of some sort sneaking around my cage when I'm not here. I have never seen this creature because, of course, all rodents live in fear of my talons and would never dare venture near me. This one is either particularly dumb or extraordinarily brave for even setting paw in a cage inhabited by an Owl, even when I'm not here.

I first began to suspect the presence of an Interloper a few days ago, when I returned from a Performance and something was...different in my cage. I couldn't quite place it, but something was off. Not just the normal stuff, like when the Humans scrub my mutes off the wall, or when they come in and reattach the perch materials that I [very carefully] shredded and removed. This time it was more of a feeling than a specific change.

It wasn't until this afternoon, when I was returned to my cage after spending an hour under the cottonwoods, that I saw it: a depression in the gravel by the west wall, barely recognizable as the entrance to a small tunnel.

The outrage! How dare a rodent invade my cage without my permission! I will have to keep close tabs on this Interloper until I decide how best to deal with it.

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