Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snow day!

All night long I watched as the snow fell silently around the cage complex. When it snows like this the cages get very quiet: the occasional rustle of feathers as a Turkey Vulture rouses to shake the snow off; the subtle scrape of a Red Tailed Hawk shifting its weight and tucking a foot into its down. But mostly, silence, so deep and so complete I can hear the individual flakes of snow coming to rest on the drifts outside my window. 

By the time dawn broke this morning, the snow was deep enough to lose a prairie dog in (good thing I never drop my food). Everyone weathered (or feathered?) the storm well, myself included. I found the light sprinkling of snow across my forehead to be very refreshing. 

Now the Humans are busy shoveling pathways and brushing snow off all the perches. It looks like more work for them when the weather changes like this, yet everyone is smiling. Despite the inconvenience, the snow seems to make everyone happy, bird and Human alike. 

The cage complexes at dawn

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