Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...rabbit fur rug

First thing every morning, a Human comes around to all of our cages and peeks in through the sliding window, making sure they hold a gloved hand in front of their face in case anybird (cough...Ferruginous Hawk...ahem) tries to lunge at their face, talons first.

That early in the morning, I'm usually nodding off after an exciting night of hooting and eating, but this morning was different. I was waiting.

The sliding window rasped open, and I watched as a pair of blue Human eyes peered in at me, then widened in amazement.

That's right! I thought as I surveyed the carpet of disembodied rabbit fur lining the cage floor from wall to wall. Witness the destruction! Cower before me! Be afraid, be very afraid! 

The Human shut the window, clearly terrified and in awe of my might.

So...why did I hear laughter from the hallway a few seconds later?!

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