Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday cheer

The Humans have entered on of their seasonal phases. It's the same every year, as predictable as migration and hyperphagia.

First they all start singing the same music while cleaning our cages, something about "decking" halls followed by a really annoying series of "falalalalala's". However, I must say I'm intrigued by a song they sing about partridges and swans...sounds delicious.

Next they start worrying about time and money, as in, "I don't know how I'm going to afford all the presents I need to buy!" and "Omigod, it's the 17th already?!?" I dislike seeing the Humans so stressed, so every year I try to help by supplying them with casts even bigger and juicier than usual, but they never seem to understand that they're gifts. Maybe if they fed me a green squirrel and a red rat, I could upchuck something holiday-colored and they'd figure it out.

Then, when the big day has almost arrived, they start raising a ruckus about "Santa" and "reindeer". I must admit, I'm not sold on the whole Santa idea. I've never seen hide nor hair of this guy, and if anyone should be able to see a fat man flying through the air at night pulled by eight delicious and exotic herbivores, it's an owl.

Still, I don't mind the holiday season. The Humans seem to be in a cheery mood overall, and I dig the decorations. Inside the center there's a garland hung on the walls, small trees decorated with lights, and there's even a line of socks on the front desk, one for each of us educational birds. Why socks, you ask? You got me. I have feathers down to the tip of every single toe...socks would just be silly.

I'm excited to see what the big day hold for me this year--an extra mouse for Yours Truly? Now that would being me some holiday cheer.

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