Thursday, May 24, 2012

A plea from the Humans

Good morning everyone!  The Humans are all atwitter this morning, talking about how their van broke down yesterday.  From what I gather, the van needs at least $1200 of work before it's road worthy again!  Now, being an Owl, I don't know much about cars (except that they hurt when they hit you), but I know that it's very important to the RMRP to get this van going again.

The van is essential to getting to all the education programs we do around the state.  Have you seen one of our programs yet?  We're kind of famous for them, you should check us out.  Anyways, the van fits all the equipment, birds, volunteers and staff necessary to pull off one of our famous education programs, and without it--we're stuck.

Oh yeah, it's also the beginning of "booth season", meaning almost every single weekend until the end of summer is booked with outreach programs at festivals and events like the Boulder Creek Fest and the Renaissance Festival.'s bad timing.

And one more thing: when the birds need to be transported to the Vet Teaching Hospital for medical consultations and surgeries, this is how they get there!

The little van has been around for a long time.  It's another example of how good the Humans here are about using their resources: they make a little go a long way.  And this little van has gone a long way.  But we really need it to go further...

So if you can spare a few dollars or more, please click here for the donation page at the RMRP website and contribute some money to fixing our van!  We'd all appreciate it, Humans and birds alike!  Thank you!

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