Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring is in the air

I apologize for my lack of posting recently. There has not been all that much happening at the RMRP these past few weeks, so I've just been perching by the window and enjoying the spring air.

Lots of other birds here at the center are also feeling the effects of spring. For some birds, like the pair of educational Common Barn Owls, that means laying eggs. The female has popped out six of the suckers already--I don't know how she does it!

The female Swainson's Hawk, now 21 years old, is not letting age get in the way of egg-laying season.  She's been over in the her cage twittering away to herself. She's spending most of her days taking sticks and rearranging them, a sure sign that she's feeling broody.

On the rehabilitation side of things, the Humans are still anxiously watching the door and waiting for the flood of babies.  We Great Horned Owls got around to things a little late this year, so now it looks like orphaned Great Horned Owls and orphaned American Kestrels could be arriving all at the same time, a prospect which has the Humans on tenterhooks.

Remember the Red-Tailed Hawk that was found with his head wedged in the grill of a truck after being hit? Well, he survived his massive head trauma and skull fracture and flew away on Monday! It's always good to see such a success story as that one.

Also, the Swainson's Hawk that had all his feathers burned off in a methane burner has finally begun to molt. Once he has a new set of feathers, the Humans will be more able to assess his prospects.

The only other news is that the RMRP is now the cool place for Bald Eagles to come hang out, like Camp David or something. There are three of them at the center right now! That's a lot of Eagles to feed. Interested in helping the Humans buy food and medical supplies for the injured birds? Check out the "wishlist" page at the top of my blog, or the "donation" link on the right sidebar.

Alright, I'm going to go back to my window now and watch the spring evening steal over the meadows.

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