Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quick bird update

  • The adult Bald Eagle with the spinal trauma and confidence problems was put out in a large flight with the immature eagle for a week to help the immature calm down. It worked well, so now the adult is back in a smaller cage where she can continue working on attaining higher perches. See how tall she's getting?
  • The American Kestrel that came in with a fractured ulna is flying perfectly and should be released as soon as the wind dies down!
  • The Red Tailed Hawk that was found with its head stuck in the grill of a truck is doing really well. His skull fracture is healed and he's flying around his cage really well, despite having reduced vision in one eye. Next step: rat school, where the hawk is moved to a large flight and given live rats to kill. If his vision and flight are good enough to hunt and kill, he can be released! 

All the other birds at the RMRP are doing well, too. The case load is slowly climbing as we approach summer. I'll let you know when more interesting cases come through the door!

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