Monday, September 3, 2012

Twitter Takeover

Did you know that American Kestrels are experts at caching their food?  Yes indeed, when a Kestrel has leftover mouse bits or half of an uneaten lizard, the Kestrel stashes the food in a handy nook or cranny and saves it for later.  This occurs in the wild and also in captivity.  As you can imagine, the caching habits of captive Kestrels can lead to rather yucky cage-cleaning encounters for the Humans.

Did you also know that American Kestrels are very loud birds?  Whenever they're hungry, excited, bored, scared, etc they make a high-pitched repetitive "klee-klee-klee-klee-klee!" sound.  Here's an example:

The reason I'm telling you these random Kestrel facts are because the American Kestrel with the Twitter account was found out the other day.  Even though he was adept at caching his iPhone where Humans couldn't find it, he refused to turn off the sound effects--he just loved the chatter.  To that end, people kept swearing they heard beeping noises coming out of his cage, and a few days ago he was caught before he had time to hide the phone.

Long story short, the Kestrel is no longer in charge of our underground Twitter account.  And since all the other educational birds at the RMRP are more interested in preening than in social media, it looks like I'll be a Blogging Owl and a Tweeting Owl.

And just so you know, this will be awesome. 

So check it out on Twitter: @RaptorProgram is where you can find me.  I'll be Tweeting about the amazingness of my daily life as an Owl, as well as posting links to interesting raptor-related and conservation-related news articles, local events, RMRP events, and interesting factoids about raptors.

You can't tell by looking at me, but I'm really excited!  Hope you are, too!

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