Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thank you! Have some pictures!

Huge thank you to everyone has donated since I wrote my baby Kestrel plea earlier this week!! It's been very helpful!

And, as promised, an update of the tiniest Kestrel!  Except...he/she's not really very tiny anymore.  Her/his weight has stabilized around 130g, and that's just three weeks after being admitted at 29g!  Those youguns can really pack it on. 
At 29 grams and ~7-10 days old = cute!
At 130 g and ~1 month old = not so cute? You decide. 
The chick is still covered with lots of fluff, but has begun growing in flight feathers, which is where most of the calories are going for now:
Flight feathers growing in on the left wing
And now that the chick is old enough to live with a role model, he/she has been given a roommate, a male Kestrel also at the RMRP for rehabilitation:

Chick and father-figure

Again, thanks for the donations!  I'll keep posting pictures!  Also, check back soon for pics of the newest young kid: a baby Swainson's Hawk!

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